I study Mechanical Engineering at the best college of my country, and materials and their properties are a big part of the degree. Apple made aluminium cool. Apple knew costumers would pay for quality.

Using aluminium means that heat can easily be dissipated, and that meant that it was just a matter of time for stylish-high performance-compact devices to come to fruition. However, Aluminum has problems related with signal reception, at least compared with other materials used on lesser devices.

Compromises had to be made, and the iPhone made the right ones by using other materials on some areas, to improve the signal, while keeping the good properties of the aluminium.

However, over the years, Apple has been investing and reserving the rights to a great alloy that not only nullifies the signal problem (due to the way the network of atoms is disposed) but has some over the top properties, like the ability to react at almost the same power as the action, like a ping pong ball that never stops jumping.

This means that if you let your device fall to ground, it won’t destroy itself to tiny pieces, rather it will jump back up. This is great, and together with sapphire for the screen, it brings awesome possibilities to the table.

Price is a problem, just like it was with aluminum. Thankfully, more than ever, Apple has the right tools to make it happen. They renewed the exclusivity contract for another year, and they used the alloy before in few, small parts. This means that they aren't ready to go full retard and use it on the next iPhone (otherwise they would demand exclusivity (and paid for it) for many years)), also because they may try another different material first (sapphire, as rumored) and costs are still too high.

I blame shareholders and bad journalism in general. I mean, If everything is well but for some reason margins came lower than expected, no matter why, no one will want some explanation: The Stock will tank. This leaves a lot of gambles out of the question.

What do you guys think about this whole matter?

PS: I hope Apple goes private, someday.