Verge battery tests on PCs... bias?

So we've all seen that the Surface Pro 3 did just Ok in battery life according to the Verge's review.

Do Verge reviewers use Chrome or IE on their battery tests? It seems that PCs are always missing the OEM's self reported mark on their battery tests and I'm wondering does the Verge use Chome, which is regarded as the most battery inefficient and resource hogging browser on the PC market or IE, which is regarded as very efficient, or metro IE, which is regarded as even more battery efficient? It would seem that this could be a pretty big source of battery test bias.

Also of note, does the Verge standardize things like WiFi performance (distance from router, adapter power settings in control panel, etc) and account for devices that have higher brightness settings by setting the brightness lower?

The Verge Battery test:

With brightness set at 65 percent (unless otherwise noted), it cycles through a series of 100 websites while downloading a high resolution image every six sites. No doubt it is a taxing test, but in the absence of a good industry benchmark we decided to take matters into our own hands with a test that we feel simulates real world usage. Shockingly, many of the battery benchmarks out there don’t use Wi-Fi or the browser.