YouTube has put a greater focus on its original content creators in recent months — just look at the YouTube commercials or billboards highlighting these creators, the first such major campaign the company has launched. Beyond getting its stars more media attention, YouTube just announced a new initiative to keep its creators better informed about what new initiatives the company is working on. A new "Creator Preview" video launched today, the first of a series that the company will release to keep YouTubers more plugged into tools and changes that'll help them grow their audiences.

Among the news in this first video is a forthcoming YouTube Creator mobile app dedicated specifically to letting users manage creator features while away from their computers. There's also a new initiative in the works that'll let viewers directly contribute money to YouTube creators — it sounds like it'll be a pretty simple monetization option for those who want to have more funds to put towards their projects.

Another crowdsourced project is a new captioning system — YouTube noted that about 80 percent of video views come from outside the US, so creators will have the option to crowdsource traslations and captions of their work to help reach new audiences. There's no word on when exactly these features will launch, but interested creators can sign up for the new Creator Preview series to stay tuned on new initiatives.