Stop worrying, there is nothing you can do to stop the bias.

I remember the firsts iPad reviews back in 2010 and the whole Post-PC era thing, all tech press was praising the iPad for been a well rounded device that could replace your laptop, and there where a lot of journalist willing to take the iPad for a solo spin, even replacing their laptops with it.

It did not even matter if it was comfortable to type of the iPad or not, the thing is that it was possible, even if it required an extra effort (or a lot of it).

To expect the same willingness from the press to try the Surface and its capabilities to its fullest is day dreaming. The biggest problem for me is that most of the press uses Mac OS and its heavily dependent on Apple's ecosystem, switching to Windows is enough of a barrier to prevent them from realizing the full potential of the device.

So, stop worrying about the review scores, lets accept the press has a default bias, and that is something that we can't control, vote with your support and stop feeding them with views, comments, shares and clicks, support those who share the same vision that you have. The battle to win the minds and hearts of the tech press if Microsoft's, not ours.