Surface 3 vs Lenovo Yoga 2 pro 13"

Case usage: programming, student, lots of matlab + other programs

Lenovo Yoga 2 pro 13"


Price: $1200

Core i7, 8Gb ram, 256gb space, screen size 13"

-Not so great for reading PDFS since no pen input

Surface 3 pros:

Pen input, weight + thiness

Cons: price (i7 version, with 8gb ram)

12" screen, would prefer 13",

--Great for reading PDFS

Cons for both: wish they had an nvidia GPU for GPU computing (would like a mac for this only, but not sure I would enjoy the switch to OSX after using windows for so long)

Or should I get the lenovo yoga 2 pro, and wait for the surface mini for pen computing

Or should I just wait for a refreshed yoga pro and hope it comes with a pen input