Dilemma: Surface Pro 3 vs Ativ Book 9+ for Com Sci Major

I'm torn between these two devices.

On the one hand, the SP3 is lighter and thinner even with the keyboard and it seems to have better battery life on average. I also like 3:2 more than 16:9.

But on the other hand, all the reviews I read say the trackpad is still a weak point along with the keyboard. The AB9+ has a great trackpad and a decent keyboard. The trackpad and keyboard are pretty important for me. I am uncertain whether the touch and pen input is enough to compensate.

My use case is browsing the web, researching, watching videos, probably coding in the future, using photoshop-esque programs for sprite creation and other digital drawings, making video games, writing, and potentially making apps. I'm going to college as a comsci major in the fall.

What does the forum have to say? How bad is the new trackpad exactly? How would it compare to the AB9+? What's the keyboard like in comparison? How livable are they? Is touch and pen really enough to compensate for weaknesses in the trackpad for my use case? Would the AB9+ be a better choice?

*Price isn't really a factor. They're close enough in price for the specs I'm looking for.