Rethinking the way The Verge reviews tech

I also commented this on another post, but I'd love to discuss this standalone.

have an idea.

Diversify the writing team to include "normal" joes/janes.
Hire 2+ laptop(and hybrid) reviewers, these 2+ people should be technologically neutral(unbiased) and can atleast write nicely(the editor can just proofread the review) Maybe a typical office worker, a student, or a teacher/professor. This will help stop the bias. These people will be assigned to review products marketed to replace the traditional laptop.
Let’s say, they’ll review the SP3. One "article" will have all their opinions of a product.
Jane: I like the type cover, it’s really helpful, This is a great device that will certainly help the working crowd.However, I think it needs some more battery.
Alex: The Surface Pro 3 is really helpful for the university kids like me. Easy to take notes on, and very comfortable to type on.
Alice: I think the device is too thin, When I hold it, I am scared that it is going to fall off my hand.
Of course, they will have to write paragraphs instead of just sentences, but you get the point.

3+ Tablet reviewers, One mother of a 3 y/o, maybe a student, or even an executive.
3+ Phone reviewers, A high school student, maybe an executive(non-tech company), or even a mom of 2 teens.

The Verge should revolutionize the way devices are reviewed. This will ensure that the reviews have no tech bias. Verge should not care if they’re not "quick" to make reviews, The most important aspect of reviewing is showing an objective perspective of a product.