Watch Dog?

So like most other gamers Watch Dog was one of the most exciting things I saw at E3, and since then its been a cluster fuck.

I went to euro gamer last year (September 2013) and I actual sat down to watch a watch dog demo, it was played on the PS4 at the time and it was at best similar to GTA V/Last of Us. I was huge disappointed at this, and that was only the start. Things went south since then.

They have recently started building the hype again, and got me excited once again, I don't own a next gen console and I currently don't have a gaming PC but will build one in a few months. But then things went to shit again, 5 fucking collectors edition O_O for a brand new IP :S. People have spreadsheets trying to figure out what version they should get, that can't be good for consumers, and it is just clearly to horde money.

Anyways I just wanted to rant a bit, I really want this game but it seems to get stupider as it goes along.