Windows 8 productivity tweaks and apps.

After reading the SP3 review I was left scratching my head, while the hardware is obviously incredible (and as a SP2 owner I am very jealous of all you sitting on pre-orders), Dieter also noted that the W8 ecosystem is getting better... Can I ask how?

Besides the 16:9 screen the only big issue I have with my SP2 is the absolute lack of modern apps worth a damn, besides Flipboard, IE and VLC I am almost never in the modern environment, and at least 90% of the time I spend there I am using IE.

So what modern apps do you guys use frequently? Better yet are there any productivity tweaks on the desktop side you couldn't do without?

For me the only example I can think of is ArtDock:

Basically makes using the surface pen a lot less of a painful experience on apps that do not DPI scale correctly, and gives a few shortcuts with some clever gestures built in that make it quite flexible.