Help me pick a tablet.

Hey guys,

I'm a recently-graduated medical doctor and I will be starting my residency next January. I've heard from older interns that a tablet is quite useful during this phase of our lives, and as such I'm planning on buying one in the near future.

I currently own a 2012 13" MBP, a Nexus 4 and a Nexus 7 (2012). I'm very satisfied with the first products (and I need no "ecossystem integration", seeing as quality cross-platform apps abound!). I'm not as happy with the latter, mostly due to lag and performance issues. I am, therefore, looking into buying a new Android tablet (both because I'm already invested in the android app ecosystem and because I loathe iOS 7).

My main professional usage of the tablet would consist mainly of reading PDFs, taking notes (both on PDFs and isolatedly), e-mailing and web browsing. For that, I suspect the optimal interface would be a stylus. I've made some research and saw the Galaxy Note series, but if there's one brand I'm reluctant to buy, it's the korean giant (specifically because of touch wiz and build quality issues - and while I know how to root/flash ROMs, I'd rather keep it simple when it comes to my tablet).

There's also some sort of restriction when it comes to size. Ideally I'd like a tablet large enough to read entire pages in one view (something my Nexus 7 can't do), but at the same time I'd like to have a tablet just small enough to fit my white coat (I'd estimate 8" is the largest it can go, and I do enjoy the LG G Pad's form factor quite a lot!). As a compromise, I'd be willing to keep my Nexus 7 as a daily driver and buy a larger tablet for more-serious-but-still-portable work. Perhaps the new Nexus 10 once it comes out?

I'm a big fan of getting updates on time, but that's something I'm willing to compromise on. I also know I'm being picky already, so I put no big barriers on price nor on having to buy a stylus separately (if that's the case, though, I'd also like your suggestions).

I'd appreciate your input! THanks!