Tech Reviews: I Think It's Time That I Look Elsewhere

I've continuously come to TheVerge for their reviews, and as time went on, I began to notice things that I was uncomfortable with. Their overly subjective, hipster driven, excessively stylistic, and continuously inconsistent reviews reviews have gotten much too far from what I look for in a "technology review" when I want to trust someone's opinion on what should define technology for the future going forward.

Let me be perfectly clear, this is in response to the 8.0 score of the Surface Pro 3. There's no point in beating around the bush. But this has been building for a while for different product reviews as well. The Dell Chromebook 11 (and scores of other chromebooks in general) or Dell XPS 12 getting the same score as the Surface 3. But what is surprising is the 9.2 score of the Air, the 13 inch macbook Air sits with a thicker, heavier body, sub par screen that isn't touch . While the Macbook Air has better battery life than the SP3. I understand the significance of better battery life, but does better battery life swing the score in the Macbook Air's favor a good 12 points? Considering that the SP3 is simply much superior than the Macbook Air's screen, is thinner, and lighter than a product called "air", has touch screen and is engineered with pen input in mind, with the form factor of a large tablet? I'm sorry but it's not even close to being a 12 point swing in the Macbook Air's favor, if being a swing in the Macbook Air's favor at all.

Once I considered this, I wasn't even shocked, I simply laughed. It's truly laughable. The verge in majority has an inherent bias for Apple. It's apparent everywhere you look. Apple is without a doubt the coolest tech brand right now. Synonymous with style. Look at this site? Sometimes I think they value style more than content. Topolosky, as much as I love him, looks like a textbook hipster, and the same can be said for many of the others. The way they produce content has always been about style. Heck, on the front page right now at the top is a guy wearing a leather jacket open with no shirt on.

This is just an opinion, and i'm sure nearly everyone will disagree. The Verge has their style. I'm not asking them to change because that's who they are. I'm simply saying as a tech geek, it's time for me to look elsewhere, because I think that as a tech news site, they've lost their touch.

Thanks for reading. Now, let the rude comments begin.