Best active stylus for iPad- anyone have the Lynktec Rechargeable Apex?

Hi! I'm looking to update my stylus to a new active one for note-taking apps. There are so many to choose from... I have a Lynktec TruGlide (passive) that I really like the tip on. Now Lynktec has come out with the first rechargeable active stylus. For brand loyalty I wouldn't mind staying with them, has anyone used the new Apex? Just from reading other reviews it sounds like batteries in the active styluses can be a pain, so I like the thought of a rechargeable one. I hear a lot about the Adonit Jot Touch, which uses Bluetooth. The Apex doesn't, which seems fine to me- wouldn't it be more reliable that way, not to need Bluetooth? More universal? Thoughts from Apex and/or Jot users?