Google Play Games: A quick proposal

I'm annoyed sometimes when I want to find nifty new apps in the Play Store that are useful or neat and half of the apps are games. I know I'm not alone in this. Take a look at any of the main top lists on the Play Store, and tons of them are games (the ranking system in the store doesn't seem to be the best anyway, constantly unearthing what seems to be apps of questionable quality, but that's a different discussion to be had). It could be said that all the games (which have quick bursts of popularity as the newest fad) are pushing down utility apps and the like.


What if Google pulled the games out of the main Play Store app list and essentially just transferred them over to Play Games? At the moment, for me anyway, Play Games is very underutilized. I don't play app games with friends very much at all. In addition, the functionality I'm proposing already seems to partially exist. In the side drawer, Explore takes you a list of top new Games within Google Play Games, but Shop takes you to the main Play Store itself. Why not just combine the two and include the store for Games under Play Games?


Some drawbacks might be a confusion on why the app store for Android is called the "Play Store" but doesn't include any games. Game developers probably have a greater audience being in the main Play Store than sequestered off to Play Games, but maybe people will simply become used to the change and learn to visit Play Games to search for games. In addition, the link to Games can still exist in the Play Store, it would just take you to Play Games instead of being a subsection of the Play Store. Semantically, it might be kind of weird to offer those "number of apps in the Play Store!" kinds of counts if games are cordoned off separately.


The Play store could continue to have links to the Game sections, but app lists and categories as well as searches in the main Store could exclude game apps.

There may be other factors I haven't thought of in this quick blurb, but let me know your thoughts!