Solar Roadways passes $1mil goal at INDIEGOGO

Every now and then, it helps to refresh your faith in humanity. To be reminded of how mindblowingly awesome technology might be if governments weren't busy raising barriers to entry (also), outlawing progress, instituting monopolies, and stealing trillions of dollars from the economy to throw hooker and blow parties and try to conquer the world—oh, and to put you in your place if you challenge their authorituh.

So anyway back to the point, these guys have been working on this for years. Google chose them as a moonshot (a project that aims to deliver 1000% gains instead of 10%) awhile back. Reading around a little bit, I've seen a lot of argument over the plausibility of something like this going mainstream, but the possibility is incontestable. The prototypes have been proven. I thought it was the perfect thing to share here at The Verge, and the perfect time seeing as they've just passed their $1,000,000 goal at INDIEGOGO.