College Student in Search of a Thin + Light

I'm going to be a college student in the fall. We get $3500 workstation laptops provided to us, built into our tuition (save for a $500 deductible). It's loaded up with everything we need and it's a beast. It's also a 6.2 lb beast of a computer, taking up way more space than I'd like, and adding another 6 lbs I'd have to carry around.

I don't need a workstation class computer in 100 or really even 200 level classes. As a freshman, it makes little sense to carry this to all of my classes. I love my iPad Air, but it won't be the replacement for taking notes and doing a quick PhotoShop or open a CAD model to make an minor edit or two to.

Thus, I'm looking for an ultrabook. One that won't break my back or break the bank. Budget around $950 tops. 13" or smaller. I am looking for something reasonably powerful for quick PhotoShop and quick CAD edits. Don't need anything too fancy. Not looking for extras like touchscreen or anything, but it wouldn't hurt. My only other thought is a MacBook Air with a tiny bit more space and RAM, but I'm totally open to something from the Windows camp. Only other requirement would be a decent keyboard. Pounding out a paper shouldn't leave my hands crippled and in pain. I'm also not buying used, but (certified) refurbished are fine, and if I can get it from Amazon I'll love you.

Any good suggestions?