Widget to replace status bar on home screen?

I'm not big into theming at all. I'm a staunch supporter of vanilla Google Experience Android, but I just came across my wet dream, a launcher that stays updated, is under 1MB, and let's me do this with my homescreen:


Notice how the icons are pushed all the way down onto the nav bar, and there are no pages. Instead, I swipe from any direction to launch certain apps, or to call the app drawer. True minimalism, nothing is there that doesn't need to be there, and everything else can be accessed WITHOUT REACHING.

But I think a clean, transparent widget would fill the empty space eloquently. A widget that replaces the status bar, showing the time and what notifications I have, but isn't 15MB worth of bloat and doesn't have anything to do with the weather. I feel like I've seen that widget in screenshots around here before, so I figured I could ask you guys if you know what it is. The Play Store is utterly useless at surfacing quality content (like this launcher, it's been out for months and I've never heard of it until yesterday by sheer accident on a web forum), and it sure as hell isn't showing me any decent information widgets. Any ideas?

EDIT: the ultimate widget would be transparent (or have a degree of customizability over the transparency) and would combine my Google Now feed with my Notifications Tray, scrolling vertically.