I understand the move to N-trig

So, I'm the guy who made that big thread about the Wacom pen pressure, kind of not giving N-trig a chance. My Wacom driver seems to have got the kinks out and it's not as buggy currently. Though, all Wacom drivers are just buggy. Even with Cintiqs, it's pretty much the same thing. Have to live through a restart when it happens, and it sucks. Luckily Surface restarts so fast, but it's not the point. I get why they moved away. While, i do think Wacoms tech is great, i've been using it for a long time, it seems like they can never get drivers right. Even on their own products they fail. I haven't heard about driver issues with their Cintiq Companion line, but others i've witnessed first hand. I think Wacom makes good stuff, but i understand why they got rid of em. I'm actually hearing good things about the new pen. I guess it is true that an N-trig 256 is = to a Wacom 1024. Because in reality, they are both 256 on the physical pen. The 1024 comes from software.

So I have a few questions for you stylus guys out there that were trying to bash that into my brain and I wasn't getting it. I wasn't getting it because of years of being told otherwise. I have questions though. So if we can say a 256 N-trig is on part with a 1024 Wacom, how come the surface team didn't just say it was 1024 and did the rest of the pressure with software? Or is it not even necessary to say that? I don't fully understand the difference. What I mean is, if the levels of pressure are half in the pen, and then the other half software, couldn't Microsoft have coined it a 1024 stylus, and came out with a unique driver or something? Or does the actual creative software interpret that?

At the end of the day, I've always been up for a new pen experience. As long as the tip feels like the black flex nib on the bamboo stylus, I'm fine with it. I just can't draw with the white plastic tips, or like the stock tip that came with the strock pro 2 pen. It's just too slippery on the slick glass. I'm hoping that the new pen tip is like a flex nib. I also hope in the future that they give us the option to have interchangeable nibs of all kinds on the N-trig pen. If that happens, then Wacom will have the most serious competition it's had in a long time. Anyway, would love to hear from you guys who know a lot about this stylus stuff.