Review Scoring: Time For Change.

Oh...this is a touchy subject with nearly everyone. When a device is scored, there are seemingly obvious 'reasons' why one device scored so low as opposed to another.

Those reasons? The reviewer is biased. The device is too harshly compared to another competitor. There is a six month difference in technology used. The reviewed device isn't being used correctly so the reviewer can never understand how to accurately judge it. And so on...

To be honest, its sad that people care so much that their phone, tablet or computer scores so high on a review scale that is in itself, extremely flawed. In fact, those that complain the most, already know that the actual points in specific categories have very little to do with the final score.

My point is this: I'm reasonably sure that the mods and editors tire of seeing forum post about this. Not to mention how annoying it has to be to encounter these same complaints on Twitter and other social media. So why not do this:

Either kill the scoring system completely, or just put a final score at the bottom without the breakdown of various factors such as screen, build quality and such.

Personally, I'm for just killing the scoring. Most devices aren't comparable for dozens of reasons and the scores can be extremely misleading.

What are your thoughts?