The Verge should review the Lumia 630

So The Verge considered that the Lumia 520 was unimportant in the grand scheme of things. They were ignorant and obviously, wrong.

Now they hyped the Moto E as some sort of Messiah but at least they had the decency to make some references to the Lumia 520 in their review. It was very nice of them to review the Moto E, because the budget market is all the rage now. They should make the same for the WP crowd.

Maybe this time they will actually review a new budget WP device when launched. The Lumia 630 could be an even bigger seller than L520 was. And it should be ! For a budget/first smartphone device, people WILL NOT care for its lack of proximity and ambient sensors. People either set it on one level or just adjust it from the Action Center anyway. And the phone still dims the display when it touches the ear/face. So that's a non issue.

What do you guys think?

PS: I'll post this in Google Plex too, since it's related to whole Moto E review / Lumia budget device pending.