Enough of the bullying.


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Compared to other sites, The Verge gave SP3 a score of 8.0 which is better than what most other sites gave. I see in some posts the the conversation is moving away from Verge bias to all tech sites being biased against all Microsoft products.

Every hardware release since the Zune has been met with the same slanderous and unfounded accusation of bias. Every release, every site that dares to criticise. When reviewers say they're sometimes hesitant to honestly give their opinions because of the shit storm that will occur, I would call this bullying.

Why the bullying? Why the slander and accusations? And why are you still here after posting a 300 word diatribe on how the world has wronged you? Why not buy your precious and enjoy it without caring what the other person thinks about it?

I understand people trying to justify and defend their purchase but people haven't even bought it yet! What are you defending?