Camera Conundrum

I'm thinking of replacing my 2-year old Olympus X-Z1 point and shoot and moving to something that will enable to me to become a better photographer.

Requirements: the camera needs to be light/small, discreet (I'm mainly doing street photography) and cheap with fast AF. Value for money is the key here-the camera needs to be able to last for at least the next 3 years.

Here's what I've shortlisted:

- Sony A5000 (I've heard horror stories about the A3000's EVF being unusable and very slow so that's why I'm not choosing it. Also, the A5000's smaller.)

- Fuji X100s (Extremely discreet and very good looking. I've found a lightly used-"95% new" one on the internet for $812USD. Should I go for that? Note: the original X100 was really slow to focus so that's why its not on the list)

Now, the problem with the A5000 is that in order to get a good lens, I'll have to shell out $100-200 more, which makes it the same price as the X100s. The X100s seems to have a better lens, so I'm leaning towards it in this regard. Also, I've heard stories about the weight of the camera being unbalanced because of the weight of the lens-is this true? (Same goes to all the other mirrorlesses)

An alternative would be to wait for the upcoming X30/X70 or get the RX100. But if that's the case, would I be better off staying with the XZ-1? I'm still an amateur, so I want someone which will enable me to take better pictures (I know that its about the photographer and not about the gear, but some friends have convinced me to get a better camera so that I get more control over the camera. Thoughts on this?).

Your help would be much appreciated. Thanks.