Where is my whatsapp!

I could be called a Microsoft loyalist or sometimes even evangelist.

Me and my wife have Windows Phones, I own a Surface 2, I have 2 Xbox 360's and our laptop and desktop PC have been upgraded to Win 8.1. I am in the process of acquiring 25 Surfaces for customers.

I happened to run into a good deal on an unlocked 1520 this weekend and traded in my 920. But then I realised that Whatsapp cannot be downloaded as it had been taken offline in the store. I use whatsapp externsively with friends, collegues, familiy and for my two bands.

Even today, after more than a week of absence, and me tweeting about this, NokiaNL tweeted "they are working hard on this but cannot guarantee a date". This is ridiculous! Why coudn't they place an older version or something. It is already hard sometimes with the app gap. I need whatsapp and do not want to become the laughing stock of my iPhone or Andoid owning friends. Is it that hard? Is there something wrong with developing for windows Phone due to added complexity or bugs?

Has anybody heard anything more?

PS:what a killer screen, camera and battery on the 1520! Wow...