Microsoft is dropping support for Windows 8 and 8.1

They've said before that Windows 8 is only going to get 18 months of support, and it looks like AMD is already dropping support for it in its drivers, and they've also announced that Windows 8.1 will only get 6 months of support.

Now, I know what they're actually doing - forcing users to move to upgrade to the latest version of Windows 8 (8.1 Update 1), but this still seems incredibly irresponsible to me. There can be real, legitimate reasons why you may not want to upgrade to Microsoft's latest update, for both consumers and enterprise.

For enterprise, it should be pretty obvious why: cost. In fact, enterprise customers are so slow to upgrade, they're still sticking to XP in many places.

But it can also be an issue for consumers. I personally know someone who has upgrade their Samsung Ativ Book 2 laptop to Windows 8.1 Update 1, and it *bricked the device*. Others might not want the latest for similar reasons - driver incompatibility.

Therefore I find these support periods very short, only a year and half for the "big Windows 8", and a mere half a year for Windows 8.1, which was also a pretty big update. It's like Microsoft didn't think people have enough reasons to hate Windows 8. They had to give them more.