Next Gen Console Steering Wheels?

So I bought the Thrustmaster TX 458 Racing Wheel for XBox One over the weekend and after about 90 minutes of racing, the thing went up in smoke! Literally puffs of smoke coming out the vents.

That 90 minutes though were my first 90 minutes of using a force feedback steering wheel and I'm hooked. It was a revelation and I was completely in the zone. My lap times dropped 20 seconds almost immediately in Forza 5 and I started seeing "Perfect Turn" where I wasn't even getting Good Turn.

Of course, now my problem is, how do I get my fix again? I've read other reports of the TX 458 overheating and even more reports of it just failing outright within an hour or two of use. So I'm hesitant to try again because well, fire hazard. I bought it from a Microsoft Store which accepted a return no problem but that was the only one they got and they're not sure they'll get another one.

So does anyone know of any force feedback wheels for next gen consoles? Or if it's still too early, are there any that work with PS3/GT6 that will also work with PS4 in the future?

Or is it time to just go with a PC setup? Never been a PC gamer but this could convince me to switch.