MacBook Pro configuration advice (again)

Yup it's another one of those threads; how should I configure my new rMBP?

I just graduated and I think it's time to upgrade my MacBook. I'm going retina this time around, here's what I'm thinking:

Retina MacBook Pro 13" base model, with an upgrade to 8gb of RAM.

the only thing I'm worried about is the 128gb of storage. I have 40gb of music alone on my current MacBook and it'll probably keep growing. I'm also a graphic designer/web designer so I may find myself working with pretty big files in the future, I will be getting an external drive so most of those work files will only be on my computer temporarily. Other than that I will do very light gaming and general misc usage. I want to know how manageable it is or isn't having just 128gb of storage. Plus with all the cloud storage options available I don't really know how necessary it is to go all out on storage.

I am not considering the 15" rMBP or the maxed out 13" so please don't recommend them.