Its happening (HP Stream and more)....

Update 2 (aug 14):


Pretty much what i proposed 1 and half years ago is coming even more to reality ..

HP just joined the party with the HP Stream , a fanless Windows laptop thanks to the new low power SOCs and with flash storage for a smoother experience .´


Acer launched another on the same lines , the Aspire ES1-111


Both devices at a very low price , ~200$

Update (may 14)

More than 1 year ago a created a post , today it became reality (for the most part)..

My idea was simple, make cheap fanless latops with great battery life by using the new low power chips ; today Acer was the first.

Acer announces TravelMate B115P fanless laptop



Hopefully more will follow and with lower prices.. If a convertible like the T100 is achievable at less than $400 then a normal laptop form factor shouldn't be to hard getting it down to $300


Why not bring back the netbooks to go against the low price Chromebooks BUT with some major changes:

- with a new Atom Z2760/future Atoms or a new AMD Temash, allowing a fan-less slim and light design and a lot of battery
-a decent screen (with or without touch)
-a 7mm HDD + SSD cache
- at a low price

-And change the name to "slimbooks"

Basically like the hybrids available (like the acer W510 ou Asus VivoTab ME400C ) but on a normal laptop format to bring the price down .

All the advantages of a chromebook but without the need of a internet conection to work and the availability to run normal x86 programs.


I just remembered that this is not new , there were made some with older versions of Atom Z , but never took off due to the really low performance and/or high price.

The Nokia Booklet 3G Netbook from 2009, 19.9nm and 1.23Kg



This Sony Vaio VPC-X13 (2010) was realy nice , 13.9mm thick , 760gr, but crazy espensive because it had a 128GB SSD and was made in carbon fibber.