Why I switched back to iPhone

Orignal Article: https://medium.com/@psant/4d29a8d7c3a2 by Prasant Lokenidi

Found this through reddit it and I shared the same exact experience when trying Android-


Even the most accomplished of chefs sometimes want to be treated to a home cooked meal every once in a while. Owning an Android device is like being invited to the Iron Chef kitchen stadium, stocked with any ingredient you want, and having the liberty of making any meal that your heart yearns for. Owning an iOS device is like being served a juicy medium-rare steak at The Palm as soon as you sit down at the table.

Sometimes, a guy just wants to be spoon-fed.

That’s the exact sentiment I felt when I made the call to sell my HTC One and pick up an iPhone. Over the year that I owned an Android device, I flashed multiple ROMs, kernels, modules, and more. The lingo that popped up when I searched the XDA forums didn’t confuse me anymore, and I knew the difference between odexed and de-odexed ROMs.

But with every installation and modification, I grew weary that my changes would lead to instability. I was constantly troubleshooting to see what feature was draining my battery life, or what application was eating away at my performance. I found that I wasn’t even using a quarter of the features that were being offered by new ROMs. Every time I changed my icon pack to something even more hip and minimal, I realized that I was just moving closer and closer to the iPhone aesthetic.

With every instance of scroll lag or every choppy app closing animation I encountered, I grew to resent Android. How could a phone with such killer specs lack fluidity? When I played around with my friend’s 5c, the level of smoothness shocked me. We’re talking about year old hardware wrapped in plastic performing better than my machine-cut HTC One.

Sure, there’s no NFC. Sure the screen is small. Sure, you can’t have 300 items on your settings tab. But, who cares? I’ll sacrifice all of that for stable battery performance and a more fluid interface. If the "mod" bug ever bites me again, I can always just jailbreak and install Cydia. Throw in the high likelihood that the iPhone 6 will come with a bigger screen and battery, and you have my vote.