iOS8 keyboard

OK, I know how frustrated folks are with the iOS7 shift key shenanigans. To me, thats a minor irritant at best (albeit one that should have been fixed a long time ago). The iOS keyboard has a much bigger problem - namely, the lack of Swype-style input.

Apple has always made a big deal of how good their keyboard is - and that was unquestionably the case in the early days. However, the keyboard has largely stagnated since then, and now iOS is the only platform with no swype-style input method. As someone who has spent a considerable amount of time swyping on Android and on WP8.1, and having even heard good things about the BB10 version, I have to wonder why Apple has held out so long. I recall Tim Cook even being grilled on it at the All Things D conference last year, and giving a non-commital answer about how, in general terms, they were looking to open up iOS further - but not specifically addressing that feature.

To be clear, I understand why it would not fit with Apple's modus operandi to open up such a critical component of iOS to third party integration in the way Android has done (predictability, reliability, security, blah-de-blah...). However, the WP8.1/BB10 model of integrating the functionality into the stock keyboard works exceptionally well - providing the functionality for those who want it, without confusing those who prefer to stick with tapping (and without requiring any app install/keyboard swapping complexity). That sort of implementation could be done using a design of Apple's own making, or by licensing someone else's technology on a no-names basis (in the same way that Siri's back-end is served by Nuance).

What do you guys think? Is Swype-style entry something that you want to see? Are you as bemused as me at the fact that we still don't have it? And do you think that the time is right - will it come in iOS8? I'm hoping so. Fom a marketing perspective it is an "easy win" - one can imagine iOS8 being billed as "the most productive mobile OS ever" (in typical Apple hyperbole), highlighting this as one feature alongside things like split-screen multitasking for iPad.