When Choices Are No Longer Choices

Google's Android has always been about giving the users as many choices as possible. Whether its software or hardware.

Unfortunely, it appears that our choices are running out.

Out of the major 5 Android OEMs, only Sony has attempted to make a reasonably sized smartphone that's still high end. Motorola has yet to show its hand. As for the others who have shown their hands, Samsung, HTC and now, LG, they've gone overboard in the handset size department.

Samsung could almost, but not quite, be excused for its increase in size, as they made their handset water and dust proof. The other two don't even get this pass.

For all the talk of how great front facing speakers are, and the need to differentiate their products from competitors, HTC committed the cardinal sin of making their successor to the M7, a pretty great phone, bigger in every way.

This resulted in a handset that's more unwieldily and quite slippery.

LG did this on an even greater scale. They created a phablet. I applauded that they struck as much they could from the bezel to contain that beastly QHD screen, but none of that overcomes the fact that the screen is still 5.5 inches.

This brings me to this point; my main point: How soon can I, and those who agree with me, continue to use Android, if OEMs keeping testing the limits of our hands?

I don't need one handed use, but I want a smartphone that's more manageable than what's being offered.

What are your thoughts?