The biggest issue with Android OEMs that gets overlooked

Lets just forget about financials, sales, updates, and skins for a second. We discuss these things ad nauseam. IMO, The biggest problem is that these OEMs are making "mid-teir phones that don't need to be made and are essentially forgotten in 6 months not only by the consumer, but the manufacturer themselves. Lets take a look at two tech giants in Apple and Microsoft. The iPhone comes out every September. It's new, shiny and powerful. Now, does this mean the old one is now useless? Should they scrap it? Nope, instead, Apple takes advantage of economies of scale. With time, things get cheaper to produce. By using the same physical body for 2 years, this allows them to drop the previous flagship into mid-range category. They make profits, and you the consumer get a flagship tier phone (build quality and all) for a mid-range price. Microsoft does this (though not nearly as successfully going by sales) with their Surface line up. Instead of wasting time and effort (and money for those OEMs strapped for cash like HTC) making a new, worse product and instead keep the old model as the cheaper alternative.

Now on to Android OEMs. They put so much effort into crap mid-tier phones that will never sell well when they can just use the older model and take advantage of the savings in manufacturing. OEMs are too quick to change the physical look and design of the phone, ultimately costing them more, and in turn, giving us worse mid range devices. They should take the Apple and Microsoft approach. Especially companies like HTC that are struggling.

Well, that's the end of my incoherent rant.

Thanks for taking the time to read this :)