Update to "Holo Countdown" app

I saw that one of my favourite apps, Holo Countdown, has just received a big point-release update. This is not a very well-known app (only 500-1000 installs on the paid version), and I think it deserves more exposure, so I figured I would post about it on The Verge.

Holo Countdown is a countdown timer: you put in the dates of important events, and it gives you a running tally of how many days are left until that event transpires.

I originally installed it back when I was completing my academic dissertation. A decreasing total of days until my final deadline, staring me in the face every time I switched on my phone, was a powerful motivating tool. Since then, I've started using it for all sorts of things - counting down to big family events, trips, and even TV shows that I like. It's become like a secondary, supplemental calendar.


There are lots of similar apps on the Play Store, but what makes Holo Countdown special is the fact that it's well-designed, it has a widget that looks pretty on your homescreen, and fits in lots of information. I often hear people on forums ask what's the point of widgets, when you can just load an app. Well, in my opinion, this is an app that makes the case for widgets all on its own.

The app itself has now been updated to fit in with the "new Holo" style that is expected to be unveiled at I/O. It's colourful, it has a floating button to add new events, it has a "Project Hera/Moonshine"-style icon, and it makes nifty use of transparency:


In short, if you're looking for an app to count down to important dates, I would highly recommend this one.

Play Store link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.simon.holocountownapp