Why you shouldn't buy the Lumia 930!

Don't get me wrong, Lumia 930 is a really good phone. The reasons that I m going to list out here are just by nitpicking. These aren't serious, genuine problems. But in the end all these just don't make me feel that one shouldn't buy the Lumia 930.

- Right to MicroSD (I know that the phone comes with 32GB internal !)

- No Glance Screen

- Not really attractive looking (I love the Lumia 1520)

- I expected Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chip !

- 2800 mAH Battery or higher

- The prospect of a refreshed 1020 (may be the 1030)

These are some of the very minor problems that are stopping me from buying the Lumia 930. I know that none of these are deal breakers but If you are a person like me who wants the phone to be near perfect of what you dream, then you would consider these!

Other improvements I would like to see in the entire Lumia line up is :

- even thinner profiles

- boomSound like sound output.

- lesser bezels (this is very important !)