Watch Dogs: Ubisoft's latest screwup

I admit that my jaw dropped when I first saw the demo for Watch Dogs. I almost went and preordered a PS4 for it. The game was fresh and new. The hacking looked promising, and so did the depth that Ubisoft Montreal went to to provide some sort of characteristic for every NPC. Of course, I must say...I'm unimpressed.

To say Watch Dogs is a bad game is harsh. A lot of games have technical problems on day one. That being said, the same thing happened to Far Cry 3 on PC. Watch Dogs is (like a ton of other gmes) optimized for Nvidia, but that's no problem. Most games can still run on AMD hardware regardless of their optimization...right? Nope. Watch Dogs was horribly unoptimized for AMD. I could hardly get 60 FPS on any setting. I mean yes, all right, the graphics shouldn't be a big part of the game itself, but when you market the graphics and they were the first jaw-dropping thing that anyone saw during the demo, they are important. Ubisoft delayed the game 8 months to polish it, and we're given...this. Animation glitches, a horrible camera, driving that is somehow worse than GTA IV, a framerate that's all over the place, and literally nothing close to the E3 demo.

That being said, I was lucky I was able to play the game. Uplay was nothing but problems and is the stupidest DRM I've seen on any game. Period. It either crashed or couldn't connect, and when it could, I had to sit through whatever it wanted to do before I could get in to Watch Dogs. And when I stopped playing Watch Dogs, I was asked to pre-order Watch Dogs. Ubisoft, you can't say piracy is bad and then put on bad DRM to oppress piracy which in turn triggers (and encourages) piracy! it doesn't work!

Also, the cops. For the love of God, the cops. I don't think anyone in their life has escaped from the cops by swimming out too far. The helicopter can't follow them? The police can't happen to have boats? I earnestly await the inevitable patch, which will not make me hate the game as much, but first impressions are everything.