The 10 inch ARM tablet market is officially dead

At least that's what I think based on current technology trends.

With the Surface Pro 3 Microsoft has shown the world that an x86 tablet can be as thin and light as an ARM tablet of the same size. Will Intel tablets ever be just as thin and light as their ARM counterparts? Probably not, but it's close enough that I doubt most consumers will care if given the choice...

Of course there will still be a huge market for ARM based 8" and below tablets which will be dominated by reading, games, and lightweight apps. However I think 10" and beyond is basically the "productivity range" and that market will slowly and inevitably belong to Intel.

Perhaps Apple will reveal something amazing and change my mind, but I doubt it... Productivity is still dominated by Microsoft & Intel.

Inevitably prices on Intel tablets will fall and people will start to differentiate tablets that they can slip in a pocket or purse (fun/leisure) and tablets they will have to either carry or put in a bag (productivity).