Any high-tech bags, textile, belts manufacturer which MSFT employee need to go and be CEO?

There are quite a few posts on which company, MSFT should buy.

I am wondering which textile or clothing company should MSFT buy to understand and produce awesome wearable tech. We understand MSFT research is into technology clothing and wearable. Some of their research even involve reflection of one emotion, so as to help influencing it.

Shoes and bags can be technically very advance. Wearable tech is more than watch or glasses. And there are technical know-how and distribution channels which a software and devices company might not understand.

Culture of a company is important too, I think MSFT should encourage more employee to be CEO of company deeply involve in textile, clothing, bags .. etc. Noted that an Apple man is on Nike Board.

I would suggest go for billabong, rip curl, under armor, Columbia sportswear, Salomon ... etc. Other interesting company could be Areostich, Samsonite, Teva ..

What do you guys think?