Why I want Glass

Glass has been around for quite a while. And I think most people are enthusiastic about the idea but won't be using it a whole lot. But for me there is a simple reason to actually want glass to happen (and finally come the **** Europe)

I have to wear glasses. My eyes are broken on about every part they can be without being blind. I have +5 and +5.5 in my eyes, an axis of 1.25 and way to dry eyes for contacts (yes i tried a lot of contacts). Conclusion: I'm stuck to wearing glasses.

Google Glass makes this a positive thing. I can use my glasses to actually be more productive or at least be in more contact with the world. So I won't have to grab my phone every time.

Some might say: You can do that with smart watches right now. It's true, but I do not like smartwatches. Call me old fashioned but I like the old watches, without a display.

To all the other glass wearing people here. Would you use Glass since you're already stuck to glasses? Why (not)?
And for people who don't wear glasses. Would you actually use Glass. Even though you don't need to wear glasses? Why (not)?