2014 has been a disappointment so far .....

I was expecting the phones to have thiner bezels and and better designs this year but things just got worse

Lets start with Samsung

Look at the Galaxy S5 . the ugly design has gotten worse . Its got more bezel than the S4 , its not only chunkier but also slightly bigger than its predecessor

Take a look at HTC , the M8 looks great but its much taller and once again has a lot of bezel

. Why couldn't HTC squeeze a 5 inch panel in the M7 s body . It was very possible

Sony on the the hand have been making chunky and blocky phones over the last couple of years . Why couldn't they just evolve the Xperia ARC design which was hell pretty and adorable

Its all just insane . It seems Manufacturers have taken steps in the backward direction . LG is the only Manufacturer that apparently has impressed me with the design of G2 and I truly expect the G3 to be pretty phenomenal

Lets hope that we get to see better looking phones later this year