The Motorola Renaissance

With the recent devices made by Motorola since the acquisition of Google, they seem to have a new direction, a better direction. The Moto X was, (and still is in my opinion) the best google/android device made thus far. Well implemented chrome extension that allows you to pick up calls or text from your desktop when your on the computer. Active notifications, which gives notifications when the phone is asleep, while not killing the battery. And most importantly, touchless controls, which allows constant ai assistance without the need to even press a button, even when the phone is asleep. Not to mention the great customization, thin bezels allowing for a 4.7" screen on a device about the same size as an iphone 5. Allowing for easy one handed use yet still nice media consumption, Moto assist for when you're in the car, etc.

It's truly a great device. But it was just one device. I thought maybe they got lucky and hit a home run. But that's not nearly the case. If everything goes according to the way it seems, they might have created the most innovative game changing device since the modern smartphone. Yes i'm talking about the Moto 360. Its not just the fact that it looks absolutely gorgeous. Excelling in design by simply making it circular, something no one else thought of doing. Its also the fact that it doesn't have any usb port, alluding to possible wireless charging, or even solar charging or kinetic charging. Let that sink in for a moment.


Now I have a question to ask you. With Motorola having an event for their new smartphone on May 13th, what do expect from the Moto X+1? Internally i'm naturally expecting an improvement of its specs. A better camera and the same great features from the Moto X. I do think that they might choose to use hangouts as the main messaging app. They already created a chrome extension, using hangouts could make this feature more rich, and possibly allow them to video chat through the desktop extension on hangouts as well. Also notice that the messaging app on the Moto 360 image, which is also on their website, is hangouts. I also hope for a Moto X+1 and Moto 360 bundle in the future. What do you guys think? Do you like the direction Motorola is headed? And will you be looking forward to the Moto X+1? If so, what do you expect from it?