Feature request: homepage link in navigation bar

Hey all! First time, long time.

I have but one request: Put a link back to the homepage into the little navigation bar that comes up once you start scrolling on a page. Reason being is that I have no interest in browsing the site through the various categories (Longform, Video, Reviews, etc). I read The Verge every day and those categories simply point me to things I've already seen on the homepage. I consume the site entirely through the homepage and by "most recent" if you will. Right now I have to click the little Verge logo top-right which scrolls me back to the top and then click the large logo top-left. So a simple way to get back to the front page once I'm done reading an article would be great.

And yes, I'm aware of the browser back button but once you've clicked two or three articles deep I'd rather be able to click on something to get back.

Thanks for reading!