The 3 Lenses You'd Keep (It's the End of the World)

It's the end of the world, and you need to choose 3 lenses you'd keep for the remaining period of human history, however long that may be. What would they be, and why?

1) Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 - Because it's a 35mm and a 50mm in one, it's fast, it's tiny, and it's sharp. Enough said.

2) Panasonic 14-140 - Because sometimes I need a telephoto that autofocuses. But not that often. So it might as well be a normal zoom, as well.

3) Rokinon / Bower 7.5mm f3.5 fisheye - Because even though it's a fisheye, I'm not sure there's an ultra-wide angle lens out there at twice the size that resolves more detail than this one.