Surface Pro 3: Buy or wait?

Hi all.

I outside the U.S. where we get gouged on electronics prices. My friend who studies here will be going home to the States for the summer holidays. I could ask him to buy the SP3 for me and pay him in local currency.

My question is: should I buy now or wait for a Broadwell-based Surface Pro?

Broadwell could mean fanless, it could mean a performance boost, it could mean better battery life.

Broadwell to Haswell could be as iPhone 3GS to iPhone 3G in terms of worth of waiting?

I have a (heavy) Dell XPS 12 now which works great and I'm sure the second year depreciation on it will be less than what I faced the past year.

I would sell my 4th gen iPad 32GB WiFi and Dell XPS 12 (8GB RAM, 256GB SSD).

I just don't know whether to buy one now and get a great device or wait a year for what could be just the best device.

The risk is: some people think that Microsoft might not make another Surface Pro if this one doesn't do well. What are your thoughts? Risk it by waiting a year or miss out on Broadwell by buying now?

I wouldn't use it for work, leisure only so I don't really care about the pen. (Although pen would be amazing if I could use it for work purposes).