The Death of the DSLR: The Smartphone Camera

Expensive DSLR cameras are taking a backseat to the new wave of photographers that are emerging in the market; mobile photographers. Their secret? The smartphone camera. Smartphone photography offers quick spur of the moment options to take pictures. No more fumbling to put together your expensive DSLR just to find the shot you wanted to take is no longer available. With smartphone photography, a quick snap after you pull the phone out of your pocket is all you need to capture stunning images with your smartphone camera. With the advanced photo editing applications available today, you can take a picture, enhance the quality, and release photos with a professional attitude and aura that is equivalent to that of a DSLR in the world of photography.

iphone photographyPortability:

Lets face it. As much as you love your dslr, even if your one of those people with the fancy carrying cases, you can’t take it with you everywhere you go. This makes the smartphone camera much more convenient and consistent, as there is rarely a moment in the day which your smartphone is not in your pocket or purse.


Alright. We’ll be honest here. The dslr wins hands down in quality. After all, it is a camera, not a phone with a camera. However, in case you haven’t noticed, the smartphone camera gets better with every new phone. The iPhones and Samsung’s S series have been serious upgrades to the camera with each new phone. It’s only a matter of time before phones catch up; Nokia even made a 41 megapixel smartphone.

Ease of Use and Sharing:

Well considering the fact that even a pre-schooler knows how to take pictures on their mom’s iPhone, and people pay thousands for classes on dslr photography, I think that the smartphone camera is probably easier to use. Also, because the camera is on your phone, sharing pictures is extremely easy through a few taps and swipes on the screen (no SD card involved). Smartphones win this hands down.


All in all if you have a smartphone, and you’re thinking about buying a dslr, take some time to think about it. If you are taking photography seriously, go with the dslr because of its unmatched quality. But if you just enjoy taking pictures and sharing them with others, stick with your smartphone. Dslr photography has better quality, but it is also like billion times more expensive. Smartphone photography is on the rise, and at this rate, will eventually be the death of the dslr.