iOS 8 Widget Concept.......UGH!!!!

The blogspehere are creaming their pants right now over this cluttered messy widget concept. I don't see the use case for it, i doesn't do anything quicker then just going into notification center or just tapping the icon. We have Control Center that do a lot of these thing just fine like accessing your calculator, camera, flashlight, music controls, and certain phone setting that you do all form the home screen and lock screen. All is see here is a confusing messy concept UI that will over complicate things for the consumer that are non power users. I don't get this nerd obsession with WIDGETS. I've been hearing it for years and it may sound cool at it first until the consumer realize they just wasting their time with it and just give up on it. Widgets are a cluttered, over complicated, messy, and completely useless to the normal consumer. Sites like The Verge, engadget, cnet and every tech site and every tech internet commenter don't understand regular consumers and what they want. If tech companies were to ask nerds what they should do i guarantee you they'll never make any money.

And i better not hear Android created widgets because Mac OS X had widgets for years and they are a mess. They are horrible and a waste of a feature that adds no real value. Apple has a list of things they need to fix on iOS and Mac OS X and please believe widgets isnt one of them. They need to make notifications center better, fix mail on iOS and especially on OS X, make a useful multitasking feature, allow me to text someone without me leaving the app. These are real problem solving features that matter. Not geeky pointless features that only nerds and annoying tech pundits will scream over.