What are tablets the best at?

PCs and smartphones have proven themselves to be useful. Tablets, not so much:

Install base

Smartphones and PCs


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2013 sales


New StatCounter data finds that tablet internet usage is less than 5% globally

  • PCs: ~76%
  • Smartphones: ~19%
  • Tablets: ~5%

How Digital Time Spent Breaks Down by Device, Gender, Content Area


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Large smartphones

Large smartphones are apparently one of the main reasons tablets sales declined. The amount of time people spend on their smartphones instead of their tablets will likely increase as smartphone sizes increase:

Canalys: 34% of smartphones sold last quarter had displays larger than 5-inches


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A Comprehensive Look into the Future of Smartphone Screen Sizes


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Other competition

Tablets will also face competition from new laptops, set-top boxes, and head-mounted devices.


Tablets remind me a lot of netbooks. People seem to buying them for the novelty rather than the practicality. Steve Jobs once criticized netbooks for not being the best at anything. Smartphones are more portable than tablets, and desktops/laptops are better for productivity. So, what are tablets the best at?