New Moto X and Droid Rumors that seem to be legit.

over on the DL site yesterday they made a post on this new gold moto x front that popped up. it looks photoshopped blah blah blah. but the important thing is what one of the commenters got on there and started saying. i will copy/paste to spread the word. the guy seems legit and i have no reason to doubt him. as last year there was a guy that got on these forums and let us in on some inside info that turned out to be completely true.

BigTexas • a day ago

I can 100% confirm without a doubt that this is the device that Motorola will announce July. This is a horrendous filtered somewhat photo shopped picture of said phone, but none the less it is exactly how the new Moto X will look. I live in Fort Worth, Texas and Visit Motorola's Factory on a daily basis and in the future production clearance zone you can see clear as day, the front panel and back panel of this phone. I saw the this exact gold model and the back of the phone seemed to have a burnt ash leather textured back. The screen can easily be recognized as being 5' as compared to a 2013 Moto X laying next to it. They manged to minimize the bezel to the point it seemed only a tad bit taller than the original 2013 model but overall almost exactly the same size. As for the specs I have no clue, and I am not sure about the name the production crew has been deemed to assemble only what is called "The New Moto X'' with a slogan of "You'r Way, Anyway". You can Say I am lying and Call BS but remember the original moto x was leaked in a 12 minute video in Chinese in early March of 2013.

needa BigTexasa day ago

you wouldn't happen to know the name of the next x would ya? pleeeeeease at least be able tell me they are not going to call it the x+1.

BigTexas needaa day ago

I have no clue what they will name it? I have no idea where this moto x+1 came from? Internally they have a codename for it. and the the assembly product is called "the all new moto X" so they could name it anything. I honestly belive the moto x+1 moniker is for there moto x ALONG with the moto 360.

kwest12 BigTexasa day ago

If you were telling me this all in-person, I'd be incredulous. However, by virtue of the Internet medium that you've used to transmit this information, there's literally no way you could be delivering anything but the truth. Time for a new article Kellen!

  • BigTexas kwest12a day ago

  • I just enjoy the Droid-Life Community and figured this bit of information even with taken with a grain of salt being that this is the internet, can still all pan out. Just using use common sense between the leak in Chicago yesterday subway and now this. You can draw your own conclusion that the new moto x will 5' and look like the old moto x? I am not telling you that its going to have a 4k display snapdragon 810 with 4gb ram. I know NOTHING about the specs. I simply can confirm this is the overall shape and look of what will be the new moto x

    BigTexas BigTexasa day ago

    Also since I am a fan of this Droid-Life community I will let you know another secret that Motorola is also going to be releasing 2 new "DROID" branded Phones that will be a Verizon Exclusive and this is only rumored but they will supposedly be reviving the "DROID X" moniker. One phone will be a Phablet at 5.7 inches which is rumored to include a intelligent eye tracking movement technology which is suppose to eliminate the need for using a S-pen or any stylus. And a regular 5.2' DROID X which will have all the features of the new Moto X but include a "METAL" weaved carbon fiber composite texture with a space age aluminum frame which has the looks that is similar to the original DROID X.

    Orion BigTexasa day ago

    How about a phablet version of the new X? I heard rumors of a 6-6.3 inch screen phone coming.

    BigTexas Oriona day ago

    Motorola at this time and point would NEVER release a phone at or over 6'. Motorola displays are OLED and that is why you can have active display . You can use a LCD screen and get active display but you have to have a smaller screen (example Droid mini) but the bigger screen and OLED with any kind of notification would absolutely not work. I can not speak for Lenovo's which makes amazingly big screens in QHD but you will not see anything from Motorola this year over 6'. The new 2014 Moto's and DROID's will carry on the next contextual active display features and take it one step further which means they will be keeping the OLED screens for battery saving purposes. Also do not expect to see a MAXX line with a 3000mAh on all devices which will provide "all day battery"

    So there you have it folks. the most credible information we have on what is going on at moto so far. take it for what it is worth.