Some thoughts and sadness.

Recently, I'd say around the time of the Vergecast and Verge Mobile Show being taken offline, I've noticed some significant changes to The Verge. I don't mean to be critical of anyone, but rather the entire organization. Because The Verge is a business. They need to make money. The advertorials I tolerate. But after yestereday's headline about rape and the forced newsletter I find myself seriously questioning what The Verge is trying to deliver.

I miss the old days of The Verge. Where I could log on and lose myself in one of Tom Warren's editorials, a smart podcast by Josh and Nilay or whatever longform (Jetpacks was incredible) was on hand that related to the culture.

The Verge as it stands today isn't The Verge that I fell in love with way back at the tail-end of This Is My Next. That Verge took my Verginity. The Verge we have today has left me awash with several complex feelings and emotions. Mainly, a lust for another love.