Is iPhone successful just because it's "simple"?

I was reading another "I switched" article called Android stalwart tries iPhone. Everything seemed reasonable until I crossed this summary of iPhone in the conclusion. He said:

I think the bottom line with the iPhone and iOS is that if you are a normal sort of person(?) who uses mainstream apps like of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc and don't care for tinkering then the iPhone is probably perfect for you. As I said above, even the camera app is lacking in controls, you just press and shoot. I think that sums up iOS in a nutshell really, Apple just want things to work and be as simple as possible for the end user.

Besides the fact that iPhone is for people who don't wanna manage their devices 24/7(which I agree with) here he sounds like he is generalising iPhone users as tech-dummies who use their phones to do nothing more than the basic stuff. I think he couldn't be more wrong. The simplicity of the iPhone experience lets its users do very powerful things. Because not just the basic things, but almost everything is easier to use and works flawlessly on iPhone due to a lot of device-specific optimisation on the developer side and a better user interface. That's why people across the world - pilots, musicians, sportsmen, and artists - are using iOS devices to do incredible things. Even as a student myself, I use a variety of apps(photo editing that I would have never been able to do without an iPhone, shopping apps, Pocket to save articles on-the-go, Google Maps to find my way, mobile banking app, Movie apps, News apps that I check everyday...what's more...) that go far beyond aimless scrolling of Facebook Newsfeed or Twitter timeline. I love my iPhone not because it's simple, but because it's so simple yet so enabling. Almost everything works flawlessly and I am not afraid of trying out new apps that are meant to improve some aspects of my life or just let me have some fun.

In other words, I don't believe iPhone is just a great product for "normal" consumers as he puts it. Its app ecosystem and intuitive user interface makes it a great device for anyone- from consumers to professionals to even the disabled.

What do YOU use your iPhone for? Do you agree with this guy that iPhone is only good for consumers who just wanna Facebook/Twitter/Instagram?