Hi Vapers!

(PS, excuse any lingo below, I did my best to at least identify what things are, if there are any questions, feel free to send em my way)

How many of you guys/gals are e-cig users? If you are, have you "crossed over" into the hobbyist side of it? If your not, are you looking into it as a way to stop smoking cigarettes?

I began vaping (btw my Macbook auto-corrects this to "gaping", so if that pops up, sorry for the laughs) for about a year now, ever since I was looking for a way to stop dipping/chewing. Long story short, I messed around with the basic "ego" kits that you can find at smoke shops for a crazy amount of money (after finding them online, wow I got ripped off)... but I was lucky to have a friend open up a shop and mentor me into finding a more satisfying experience.

He hooked me up with a "Mechanical Mod", which is essentially an battery tube that is free of electronics, and a rebuildable atomizer and some wire for coils. After some instruction on how to rebuild it, he showed me some resources for information and from there I figured out everything I know through them. (Mostly the E-cig subreddit and e-cigarette-forums.com )

Anyways, I'm curious as to what some of the setups you guys are running are.

I'm currently using a Nemesis (clone, mechanical mod) and a Trident V2 RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer)


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I also have a Russian 91% (tank atomizer) I mostly use when I'm out and about, and am waiting on Zenith V2 (another RBA) as well as a Hana Modz V3 (green, another Battery mod, but has electronics and is considered "variable wattage")

For you non vapers, I can also answer questions or point you in the right direction to have questions answered, if you are looking to switch to Vaping from traditional cigs or chewing tobacco (or whatever it is :P)