Favorite Classic Engadget/This is my next or Verge Podcast?

Since the Vergecast has stopped and with no return date in sight. I've started Watching some old episode and I was wondering what your guys favourite episodes of the podcast? Mine would be the 'Engadget Podcast Show 003: CES 2011 Part 3 [Blackout Edition]' Link - http://www.engadget.com/2011/01/07/the-engadget-podcast-show-003-ces-2011-part-3-blackout-edition/ . I just remember it being in the middle of the night watching it on live stream and wondering wtf happened when the power went off, with most of the viewers on the live stream still stayed on waiting for it to come back on. And then about 15 mins later Paul got back online from his phone, with them then taking a a tour of the trailer and then walked outside.