My self themed iOS 7 / flat design Mac (Work in Progress)

First, you need to know my english isn't perfect. Sorry.

My self themed mac, inspired by iOS 7 and other general flat design ideas. So this is my self themed 15inch Retina Mac, on Maverick. To get this result, I first used a few softwares.

cDock for the dock. Flavours and my self made theme for the menu bar, finder head bar, and a few other tweaks. CandyBar for the icons, using icon packs that can be found on DeviantArt, and icons i created my self (adobe suite, ableton). Then comes the difficult part.

On the second screenshot, you can see my self designed Safari app. To get that result, i had to modify every little ui files from the app. Just to give you an idea of the work it represents, there is 18 files to modify just for the "close tab" icon that you can see on the 2nd screenshot.

To change the color of the Finder side bar, 1st screenshot, (which is normally an ugly blue), I also had to do some core modifications, since the background isn't a file but a script. Everything has been flattened, such has the blue selection bar on finder's side bar (here, application).

As mentioned, this is a work in progress. You can find more details about it on my deviant

You can download my flavour theme here :

If you have any questions, icons requests, please let me know.